With 70 years of service, BHA is dedicated to serving the local community and creating opportunities for every resident to learn about, participate with, and come to an appreciation of the connection between our history and cultural art.   We are able to serve the community through our various museums that cover nearly every aspect of Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley's history and culture.


The mission of the Brownsville Historical Association is to preserve, educate, and promote the history, heritage, and cultural arts of Brownsville, Texas and its environs through exhibitions, educational programs, publications, cultural events, and archival collections. The vision of BHA is to improve the quality of life for all residents of Brownsville, Texas and its environs by providing life-long learning experiences about the history, cultural arts, and heritage of the region, and to continue to attract tourism to the heart of Historic Downtown Brownsville.


The Brownsville Historical Association serves the community through seven unique locations and numerous programs throughout the year. We encourage you to consider becoming a member of the BHA to take advantage of everything we have to offer.  For more information, feel free to contact the Brownsville Historical Association during business hours.

The Brownsville Heritage Complex

Heritage Museum & Preservation Center

Brownsville Heritage Museum portrays visual images of the historical evolution of the city and surrounding regions from discovery and exploration up to the first half of the 20th Century.

Stillman House

Surrounded by a black metal fence, the Stillman House Museum is among the oldest surviving structures in Brownsville.  The house seen today is the result of additions made by the Trevino family during their time in the house.

1325 E. Washington Street  |  Brownsville, Texas 78520

P: 956.541.5560  |  F: 956.435.0028

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Market Square Research Center

In early 2009, Market Square was leased to the Brownsville Historical Association.  Thanks to the support of the Stillman Trust, Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, and the City of Brownsville, Market Square became the home of BHA's collections and archives.

1150 Market Square

Brownsville, Texas 78520

P: 956.546.4242

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Old City Cemetery Center

The mission of the Old City Cemetery Center is to advance lifelong learning opportunities about the history, genealogy and folk art customs of Brownsville. The Historic City Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic places.

1004 E. Sixth Street

Brownsville, Texas 78520

P: 956.541.1167

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The Historic Alonso Building

The architecture of the Alonso Building is a prime example of the Creole influences that can be found through out downtown Brownsville.  From the tall ceilings to the lush courtyard, today the Alonso Building creates a breath-taking backdrop for exhibits, receptions and parties.

510 E. Saint Charles Street

Brownsville, Texas 78520

P: 956.554.4965

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Historic Brownsville Museum:

Mary Yturria Education Center

The Historic Brownsville Museum offers a venue perfect for any special occasion or event.  The Mary Yturria Center is the perfect venue for an intimate or large social gathering.  The floor to ceiling windows allow guests an enchanting view of the courtyard area overlooking Brownsville’s Old Southern Pacific Railroad Depot.

641 E Madison St.

Brownsville, TX 78520


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The Brownsville Heritage Complex  |  1325 E. Washington Street  |  Brownsville, Texas 78520  |  P: 956.541.5560  |  F: 956.435.0028

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